Guide three Courine siblings through the lands of Azur by using their unique skills to find their way back home.


Greak is a SinglePlayer side-scrolling adventure in which the player alternates control of the three characters, guiding each of them independently through an interconnected world.



Every level is designed such that each character must contribute their unique skills to help the other two progress through the game. All in a stylish, hand-drawn 2D style.

  • The main character, and the smaller brother. He is swift and agile.
  • Because of his size, he can fit in small narrow spaces.
  • Holds a Laurean Sword given by Rhegar.
  • Telented apprentice of the Prya monastery and middle sister.
  • Her skills for levitation and diving makes her an excellent explorer.
  • Uses arcane magic to do ranged attacks on her enemies.
  • One of the best warriors of Azur and the big brother of Greak and Adara.
  • Excels at offense and defense by using sword and shield.
  • Due to his heavy gear, uses a hookshot to traverse complicated terrain.


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